Ear Reflexology & Acupressure Earring Therapy






Nam W. Jeon L.Ac.
is a board certified ACUPUNCRURIST practicing TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine). His research and clinical experience beyond school has made him an authority on ear acupuncture. He invented acupressure earring in an effort to introduce to the public an easy and convenient way to apply auriculotherapy (Ear Reflexology). One of his goals is to spread the auriculotherpy using acupressure earring, called "Acupressure Earring Therapy", as a complementary therapy. He is the author of a book “Ear Reflexology and Earring Therapy” .

He is currently practicing acupuncture in Lakeland, Florida

For inquiry please contact:

Nam Jeon L.Ac.
315 Doris Dr.   
Lakeland, FL 33813 U.S.A

Tel: 907-750-3534
e-mail; namjeon@sprynet.com