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Meridian Therapy Magnetic Ring: Weight Loss, Allergy, Anxiety, Hypertension, etc. 


The 12 Principal meridian pathway either start from or end at the fingers and toes.  In the fingers and toes a few acupuncture points are located, which can strongly influence the meridian energetic. The idea of the meridian magnetic ring is based on the fact that the magnetic field can influence the flow of meridian energy. The polarity of the magnet creates the magnetic field from N pole to S pole. Consequently, by aligning the magnetic field to the meridian flow direction, the meridian energy can be strengthened (Tonification). Conversely, by aligning the magnet field to the opposite direction, the meridian energy can be weakened (Sedation). Meridians can be tonified or sedated with this method.

Made of Sterling Silver.

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For full detail of the meridian therapy please refer to Healing Meditation or Meridian Therapy Handbook written by Nam W. Jeon, available at Amazon.


The following pictures show meridians in the hand and foot.
Find a target meridian and find the ring size. Ring size is adjustable plus minus one size.

North pole is marked by a little circle inside the ring by the magnet.


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Meridian Therapy Handbook: Tune-Up your Body

The secret of the ancient Chinese healing art is revealed. Full details of meridian therapy and other acupuncture points for various disorders are clearly illustrated for easy reference for healthcare professional as well as laypersons.Magnets can be used for safe and economical alternative to needles for the layperson.“Meridian Therapy Handbook” is written to give in depth information on acupuncture and practical application of the meridian therapy. The information is organized in tables and charts to make the application simple and easy for acupuncturists and healthcare practitioners, as well as laypersons who are interested in the energy tune-up of the body. A layperson can use acupressure, magnet, Laser pen, TENS unit, etc. instead of needles. This book explains most commonly used special acupuncture points to treat chronic pain (such as back pain, sciatica, and any joint pain) as well as functional disorders (headache, migraine, and internal organ system related disorders). The Five Elements Acupuncture (Sa Ahm Acupuncture) is also explained in detail and summarized in charts and tables for easy reference. Definitely this book will give readers practical information on how meridian therapy works and how to apply it to help various conditions. 6"x9" 373 pages Paperback Written by Nam W. Jeon, $45.00 at

The Ancient Healer

The ancient oriental scholars and healers conceived the idea of how body and mind works after a close observation of the nature and the universe. The universe runs on its principle and the human life is a part of the universe, so it has to follow the same principle. They postulated the ultimate governing principle of the universe as Yin Yang. They tried to explain everything in accordance with Yin Yang principle.
This book elaborates the concept of Yin Yang and how it was applied to the oriental medical system, in herbology and acupuncture.
This book is written for layperson as well as medical student and healthcare professional who want to know more about the Oriental Medicine.


6"x9" 120 pages Paperback Written by Nam W. Jeon, $19.95 at

Acupressure Earring

It is designed to stimulate ear acupressure points by wearing at the various reflex points in the auricle. It was invented by Nam Jeon (US patent No. 8,122,739), in an effort to find an easy way to apply Ear Reflexology Therapy to complement treating various disorders.
























Ear Reflexology & Earring Therapy

Ear reflexology and Ear Acupuncture handbook. Ear Reflexology, which is also known as Auricular Therapy is a therapeutic protocol in which the auricle of the external ear is stimulated by the use of an acupuncture needle, laser, electro-acupuncture machine, ear tack, or ear pellet to treat pain and other disorders.

Acupressure Earring, invented by Nam, can be used for the same effect. In this case a specially designed spring ring earring is used as a device to stimulate the reflex point in the ear.


This book explains all the details of ear acupuncture and treatment protocols.  5"x7" 120 pages, full color paperback, Price: $24.95


E-Book Version is also available at AMAZON KINDLE eBOOKS Store.

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Meridian Therapy Magnet Set

Use magnets at acupressure points and Trigger points to relieve pain.


Magnet A: Gold plated disc magnet (3300 Gauss) for applications on the body. 1/4 “dia  x 1/16” thick (6 mm x 1.6 mm)
fMagnet B: Nickel plated disc magnet (4200 Gauss) for applications on the hand, foot and ear. 3mm dia. x 1.5mm thick

Magnet C: Use them to identify the poles of another magnet. Color plastic coated, the red half is the North side of the magnet. 3/8" dia. x 1/2" thick

Set contains 10 Magnet A, 5 Magnet B, 1 Magnet C  
Use 3M 1527-1 Transpore Surgical Tape to place magnet on tthe skin. Tape is not included.

Price: $14.95 per magnet set.


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Practitioners of Chinese Medicine use a method of Chinese medical diagnosis known as pattern differentiation.  The information is used to determine the pattern of disharmony leading to disease, and is collected by observation, and the study of the signs and symptoms of the patient.  The holistic approach is used, including examination of lifestyle, mind, body, and spirit.  The placement of a few needles at strategic points, stimulate changes in the patient’s condition.  This results in an immediate response by the brain, the nervous system, and the local tissues at the problem site.  Some of these responses include the secretion of neurotransmitters known as serotonin, endorphins, epinephrine, and others. These cause the body and the mind to react.  Some of these reactions calm the mind and musculoskeletal system via sedation of the nervous system.  Others increase blood flow, balance hormones, and relax ligaments, tendons, and muscles.  In addition, acupuncture can stimulate the immune system, the inflammatory system, and other critical healing systems, that every individual already possesses. In general, acupuncture stimulates the mind and body to heal itself. 


Fee: initial visit: $95.00, Follow-up: $85.00


A holistic way to improving your health.

The Holistic Approach to wellness has been making headway into mainstream medicine for some time.  The importance of balance and harmony between mind, body, and spirit, is now being recognized as a requirement on the road to wellness.  Acupuncture is a holistic method of treatment which compliments the western model of medicine, and is part of the treatment in many hospitals for both children and adults.  Cancer patients are now being treated to mitigate the effects of chemotherapy and radiation.  Young women seeking assistance for fertility issues, are using acupuncture, both independently, and as a complimentary treatment in conjunction with IVF. 


Many university medical teaching hospitals are engaged in a student exchange program with China, in an effort to broaden the knowledge of newly trained physicians in the United States.  Acupuncture and Chinese herbal medicine are also being studied in research facilities here in this country, and are of particular interest in cardiac research labs studying heart disease. Physicians are referring patients to acupuncturists for pain management.  Traditional Chinese Medicine can be utilized as an alternative for patients with chronic conditions, who do not respond to western methods, or cannot use drug therapies due to sensitivities.  It is particularly beneficial to those elderly patients with pain, who cannot undergo surgery or anesthesia due to a weak heart.  

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Healing Meditation: One Breath at a Time


This book will help people searching for an alternative healing art of meditation, not medication. The optimum health and healing is the outcome of harmonizing the body, the mind, and the spirit. No medicine can offer this kind of healing except oneself. You are the healer within you. It is through meditation that one can find oneself. This book will provide readers with in-depth information on meditation and breathing techniques. Whether you are a novice practicing meditation for relaxation or advanced meditator looking for more advanced technique such as the Small Heavenly Orbit meditation, you will find information in this book.. 6"x9" 120 pages Paperback Written by Nam W. Jeon, $18.95 at



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Learn more about the meridian therapy with these books and magnetic        devicces. These books are written by Nam W. Jeon.

Magnetic Ring and Acupressure Earring are created and handcrafted by Nam